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Since 1986 I have acquired extensive experience in CATV/Utility Construction & OSP Engineering. I started as a Ground-hand on an Aerial Strand Crew, working my way up to Lineman, Foreman and progressed to coaxial cable (trunk & feeder), running Trunk Crews for four years.

I was then initiated into Fiber Optic Construction in the capacity of Lineman, soon moving up to Foreman. In the capacity of Sub-Contractor and Employee, I have built HFC & Fiber Optic systems for:
- Various CATV Systems & MSO's,
- McLeod USA,
- MCI,
- AT&T,
- US Sprint,
- US West/Qwest
among others.

These projects included:
- New Builds,
- System Rebuilds,
- Cascade Reductions,
- HFC Backbones,
- FTTx,
- Educational Institution Feeds,
- US Air Force & US Army,
- Government Building Feeds,
- Signal & Communications For Municipalities,
- Signal & Communications For Rail Roads,
- Business and Industrial Rings.

Experienced as a Construction Supervisor for a major MSO, in the second fastest-growing market in the Nation, at the time, as well as on several New Builds, Retros, Up-Grades and a nationwide Locating Company. Have also been General Foreman on a variety of coaxial and fiber jobs.

Over the years I have also gained extensive knowledge in Underground Construction methods. Can splice coax and have done some trouble shooting. I also trained in Forward and Reverse Sweep for a short time.

Acquired a contract as an Independent Contractor wrecking out Signal and Communications lines for Delaware and Hudson Railroad (D&H) in New York State.

I have supervised a number of OSP Engineering projects and in addition have performed:
- QC,
- Set up QC Programs,
- As-Built Walkouts,
- System Addressing,
- Strand Mapping,
- As-Built Verifications,
- Post Wire MDU Design for Verizon's FIOS,
- Pre-Construction Walkouts, (White Lining)
- USAF & US Army Pre/Post Blast Survey For WSEP at UTTR/Dugway Proving Ground...
As well as other forms of OSP Field Engineering,

This work was completed using:
- Trimble Total Station,
- Trimble GPS,
- Trimble TS2 & TS3 GPS Data Collector,
- TerraSync Software,
- NuMetrics Digital Measuring Instrument (DMI),
- Laser Distance Measuring,
- Google Earth & Google Maps,
- Locators,
- Roll-A-Tape Wheel.

Extensive Experience Drawing Permit Field Notes For:
- CATV 90v Power Supply Locations,
- USWest USAM Locations,
- Road Bore Locations,
- CATV & Telephone Fiber Optic Running Lines,
- Utility and City Permitting...
The above permits are drawn using an Engineering (Station and Offset) Format.

Along with personal Climbing Gear and Hand Tools, I am proficient in the use of
Aerial Construction Equipment. i.e.:
- Telsta T-40,
- SU-36,
- Versa-Lift Booms, etc,
- Evergreen Booms

- Stewart & Stevenson Figure 8 Machines,
- Condux Fiber Blowers,
- Trimble GPS, Geographical Information System, (GIS),
- NuMetrics Digital Measuring Instrument (DMI),
- Laser Distance Measuring

- Comfortable With Most Microsoft Products,
- Macromedia/Adobe Dreamweaver,
- Various Graphics Editing Programs,
- HTML, DHTML, PHP, PERL, CGI, CSS, ASP, Java Scripts,
- MySQL Databases, PHPMyAdmin,
- FTP Programs,
- Search Engine Optimization,
- Search Engine Submission,
- Google Analytics, AdSense, APPS,
- Android APPS,
- Trimble TerraSync GPS Software

I spent several months as a Disaster Response & Recovery Supervisor for a CATV
Contractor in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where I coordinated with the MSO, Power Company, Telephone Company, Emergency Response Personnel as well as other contractors, on the Tornado Damage of April 27, 2011 in addition to Maintenance, Upgrades and New-Build.


"This project provided, not only a career milestone
with incredible challenges but,
a personal experience that has had an
impact on me that I'm certain will remain
with me forever."


I am an Expert Climber, with two Pole-Top rescues to my credit and considered a
Team Worker with Leadership Abilities. Handling high-pressure situations, tight deadlines along with multitasking has never been an issue. I have found that I do best when under fire.
I get along with people from all walks of life and I actually do love my job.

Much of my career has been spent as a Contractor or Sub-Contractor on many projects
around the Country and Puerto Rico. The following are among the Contractors and MSO's for whom I have worked either directly or as a Sub-Contractor:
- I.C.S.,
- CableCom,
- West-Tec International,
- Micor Communications,
- Dynamic City ( U.T.O.P.I.A. Project ),
- Fiber Optic Services,
- Rocky Mountain Fiber,
- Kennedy Cable,
- USA Cable,
- Western Engineering,
- Microwave Design International,
- Insight Communications,
- Berloy Communications,
and others....

- Southwest Gas Certified
- Confined Space Entry
- Competent Person
- Heavy Vehicle Operator

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